CJ as he will be appearing during and after Oath to order.

I am in the process of making a comic series called Oath to order. The purpose of this comic is to advertise new characters. During this, some of the old and unsucsessful characters are being killed of for good. Some of the characters that will not be killed off will recieve an injury that will never heal. This comic series will not be cancelled.

List of characters confirmed to be killed off

  • Flippy
  • Jack-o
  • Cosmic emperor 
  • Giovanti
  • Thrifty
  • Gifty
  • Badger
  • Evil cuddles
  • Burty
  • Genesis

Please, if some of them are your favorite characters, do not be upset.

List of characters to be injured

If you do not like the new appearences, do not be mean.

List of new characters

If you are thinking about time Scamper and Rookie showed up, do not blame me.

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