CJ is an anteater. He was originaly a bear. Deadlydark made the character and uses him in his comics. He hates Flippy. 


CJ is a peach anteater. He has a pattern on his head which resembles fur. He wears a red shirt and blue jeans. CJ also has a long snout.

Fates Edit


  • Splicin' It: Cut to ribbons.
  • It Won't Work: Face shredded ('debatable').
  • Sheller's Debut: Has his face ripped off.
  • Sheller's Problem: Has his face cut off.
  • Zilla, Queen of Monsters: Has his face ripped off.
  • CJ's permanent change: Impaled.
  • Unnamed comic: Shredded by fan.


  • CJ vs Flippy parts 1, 2, and 3: Gets injured by Flippy.


  • CJ is Deadlydark's most favorite character he made.
  • The fans also agree with that.
  • CJ is one of Deadlydark's only anteater characters.
  • CJ is confirmed to be injured in oath to order.
  • Deadlydark changed CJ's species because he did not have an anteater.

Gallery, Old ModelEdit

This is CJ's bear form.

Gallery, New ModelEdit